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Who is PaperEntry for?

For every company that handles a large volume of documents and employs staff for their input into the information system, ERP.

OCR has been around for years. How is AI involved?

Indeed, OCR technology is a very old technology. But the recognition of characters and images has evolved a lot in recent years, which ensures the correct recognition of information. OCR and recognition of information is not enough. Artificial Intelligence and especially Generative AI takes the information OCR has recognized and processes it in order to a) understand what kind of document is being processed and b) keep only the information that is of interest to our customers. In this way we are not required to indicate to PaperEntry where the information is located spatially in the document and of course we do not need to train PaperEntry separately for each document.

How long does it take to operate?

The implementation time depends on the type of invoices that PaperEntry needs to process. Specifically, the application requires training of PaperEntry followed by the processing of a minimum number of invoices for optimizing the results. On average, it takes 4-6 weeks for PaperEntry to meet the requirements of each company.

Which file types are supported?

PaperEntry supports purchase invoices, expenses, shipping documents, customs documents, and loading documents recorded by the company accounting system.

What is the implementation process?

Initially, the client informs PaperEntry about the types of documents that will be managed. Subsequently, a meeting is scheduled for analysis. Afterward, the client sends a small number of invoices from five key suppliers to initiate software training. Finally, checks are carried out, and the implementation begins.

Which languages and currencies are supported?

Today we support English and Greek, while we are also handling projects involving Chinese and Turkish. In general, we can support all languages as well as currencies.

How is the price formed?

The cost is determined by the number of your documents. Billing is done per page. Depending on the total number of invoices you receive, we can configure a fixed annual cost.

Can PaperEntry work with my company's ERP - accounting system?

Our software can integrate with all systems. The options are either through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), API (Application Programming Interface), or shared files.

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