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Commercial Invoices

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Commercial Invoices

Most industries in the market, especially those engaged in wholesale and retail sale of products receive a multitude of invoices from their suppliers. However, many times the volume of tariffs managed by these companies is so large that they find it difficult to manage it on time and validly.

Information received by PaperEntry

This is where PaperEntry comes in to lift the burden of listing, enabling any business that manages purchase invoices to receive information such as:

  • Issuer data
  • Invoice series and number
  • Date of issue
  • Delivery Point (Branch)
  • Product code (s)
  • Product description
  • Number of pieces
  • Type (piece, box, pallet etc.)
  • Selling Price Of Piece
  • Discount Per Piece
  • Excise Duty
  • Discount on the total value of the products.
  • Net total Series value
  • VAT
  • Final total
  • Additional features in the import of invoices

    PaperEntry does not stop there, as it gives additional capabilities to users. Some of them are the following:

  • Transformation of data found in invoices, e.g. converting boxes into pieces
  • Receiving notice in case of revaluations
  • Automatic invoice registration in each ERP of the market.
  • Connectivity via API, RPA or shared folders
  • Steps to import commercial invoices

    1. Enter your invoices in PaperEntry.

    2. First PaperEntry reads the information found in the document using OCR. The second step is the extraction of information and the third is their understanding, using AI. Understanding document information is a learning process in which the software improves its results to the point that it achieves 99% accuracy.

    3. Then, an employee of Use and / or your company checks the results of the PaperEntry and either validates them (Validate) or fills in the correct information.

    4. As long as all invoices are validated, PaperEntry automatically registers them in the company’s ERP.

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