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Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable

All companies, regardless of their size, manage invoices for their expenses on a daily basis. PaperEntry has come to improve the way accountants work. More specifically, it digitally transforms the registration process by improving both the work environment and the time required by the overall work.

At the same time, it offers tools for the characterization of invoices before they are registered in the ERP. For example, through PaperEntry you can characterize the document with metadata such as the general accounting code, the cost center, special categories of expenses (vehicles) and much more.

PaperEntry automatically reads expense invoices

PaperEntry automatically reads the following information

Invoice Information

  • Issuer data (VAT number, name, etc.)
  • Invoice series and number
  • Date of issue
  • Net Worth
  • Values
  • Description
  • Number of car plate
  • Address of receipt
  • Tax
  • The logic of repetition

    A large number of incoming documents of each company are recurring and are usually charged to the same general accounting and cost center codes.
    The aim of the application is for these invoices to be automatically registered in the company’s ERP without needing validation from your employees.
    In this way, the volume of invoices that reach your employees’ hands is reduced, while reducing the time needed for data entry.

    The PaperEntry changes the operation mode of the accounting office

    PaperEntry differentiates the way a typical accounting office works, since the employee/accountant does not come into contact with the accounting software he uses. On the contrary, the characterization of invoices is carried out through PaperEntry in an easy-to-use way and with the integration of machine learning tools.

    To be more specific, PaperEntry, after receiving all the codes of General Accounting and the codes of the cost center or other metadata, enables the user through a single management environment to:

  • Validate the correctness of the basic information.
  • Select the general accounting codes from a drop down menu.
  • Select through a drop down menu which metadata to define.
  • Add the invoice description.
  • Add any other information that interests them, such as the license plate of a vehicle, payment method and more.

    With the finalization of the above data, their registration in the ERP of your company begins using  Robotic Process Automation Technologies.

    Results – Employees of your company will not have to deal with recurring expenses such as rent, fuel, telephone charges, etc., as such a class of documents only need to pass through PaperEntry once to obtain a permanent validation characterization.

    When the employee makes a change to specific information that is required, such as the cost center of document X, this change is stored in Look up Tables and is available in a drop-down list in PaperEntry to simplify the process.

    In this way PaperEntry is trained to select the correct metadata based on the data it draws from the invoices it receives. Thus, the expense invoices that go through the company’s employees will be kept to a minimum.

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